Representation and Correlation Enhanced Encoder-Decoder Framework for Scene Text Recognition

by   Mengmeng Cui, et al.

Attention-based encoder-decoder framework is widely used in the scene text recognition task. However, for the current state-of-the-art(SOTA) methods, there is room for improvement in terms of the efficient usage of local visual and global context information of the input text image, as well as the robust correlation between the scene processing module(encoder) and the text processing module(decoder). In this paper, we propose a Representation and Correlation Enhanced Encoder-Decoder Framework(RCEED) to address these deficiencies and break performance bottleneck. In the encoder module, local visual feature, global context feature, and position information are aligned and fused to generate a small-size comprehensive feature map. In the decoder module, two methods are utilized to enhance the correlation between scene and text feature space. 1) The decoder initialization is guided by the holistic feature and global glimpse vector exported from the encoder. 2) The feature enriched glimpse vector produced by the Multi-Head General Attention is used to assist the RNN iteration and the character prediction at each time step. Meanwhile, we also design a Layernorm-Dropout LSTM cell to improve model's generalization towards changeable texts. Extensive experiments on the benchmarks demonstrate the advantageous performance of RCEED in scene text recognition tasks, especially the irregular ones.


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