Resilient Output Containment Control of Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems Against Composite Attacks: A Digital Twin Approach

by   Yukang Cui, et al.

This paper studies the distributed resilient output containment control of heterogeneous multiagent systems against composite attacks, including denial-of-services (DoS) attacks, false-data injection (FDI) attacks, camouflage attacks, and actuation attacks. Inspired by digital twins, a twin layer (TL) with higher security and privacy is used to decouple the above problem into two tasks: defense protocols against DoS attacks on TL and defense protocols against actuation attacks on cyber-physical layer (CPL). First, considering modeling errors of leader dynamics, we introduce distributed observers to reconstruct the leader dynamics for each follower on TL under DoS attacks. Second, distributed estimators are used to estimate follower states according to the reconstructed leader dynamics on the TL. Third, according to the reconstructed leader dynamics, we design decentralized solvers that calculate the output regulator equations on CPL. Fourth, decentralized adaptive attack-resilient control schemes that resist unbounded actuation attacks are provided on CPL. Furthermore, we apply the above control protocols to prove that the followers can achieve uniformly ultimately bounded (UUB) convergence, and the upper bound of the UUB convergence is determined explicitly. Finally, two simulation examples are provided to show the effectiveness of the proposed control protocols.


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