Revisiting Global Statistics Aggregation for Improving Image Restoration

by   Xiaojie Chu, et al.

Global spatial statistics, which are aggregated along entire spatial dimensions, are widely used in top-performance image restorers. For example, mean, variance in Instance Normalization (IN) which is adopted by HINet, and global average pooling (i.e. mean) in Squeeze and Excitation (SE) which is applied to MPRNet. This paper first shows that statistics aggregated on the patches-based/entire-image-based feature in the training/testing phase respectively may distribute very differently and lead to performance degradation in image restorers. It has been widely overlooked by previous works. To solve this issue, we propose a simple approach, Test-time Local Statistics Converter (TLSC), that replaces the region of statistics aggregation operation from global to local, only in the test time. Without retraining or finetuning, our approach significantly improves the image restorer's performance. In particular, by extending SE with TLSC to the state-of-the-art models, MPRNet boost by 0.65 dB in PSNR on GoPro dataset, achieves 33.31 dB, exceeds the previous best result 0.6 dB. In addition, we simply apply TLSC to the high-level vision task, i.e. semantic segmentation, and achieves competitive results. Extensive quantity and quality experiments are conducted to demonstrate TLSC solves the issue with marginal costs while significant gain. The code is available at


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