Robust Learning via Ensemble Density Propagation in Deep Neural Networks

by   Giuseppina Carannante, et al.
The University of Sheffield
Rowan University

Learning in uncertain, noisy, or adversarial environments is a challenging task for deep neural networks (DNNs). We propose a new theoretically grounded and efficient approach for robust learning that builds upon Bayesian estimation and Variational Inference. We formulate the problem of density propagation through layers of a DNN and solve it using an Ensemble Density Propagation (EnDP) scheme. The EnDP approach allows us to propagate moments of the variational probability distribution across the layers of a Bayesian DNN, enabling the estimation of the mean and covariance of the predictive distribution at the output of the model. Our experiments using MNIST and CIFAR-10 datasets show a significant improvement in the robustness of the trained models to random noise and adversarial attacks.


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