Robust Recovery Motion Control for Quadrupedal Robots via Learned Terrain Imagination

by   I Made Aswin Nahrendra, et al.
KAIST 수리과학과

Quadrupedal robots have emerged as a cutting-edge platform for assisting humans, finding applications in tasks related to inspection and exploration in remote areas. Nevertheless, their floating base structure renders them susceptible to fall in cluttered environments, where manual recovery by a human operator may not always be feasible. Several recent studies have presented recovery controllers employing deep reinforcement learning algorithms. However, these controllers are not specifically designed to operate effectively in cluttered environments, such as stairs and slopes, which restricts their applicability. In this study, we propose a robust all-terrain recovery policy to facilitate rapid and secure recovery in cluttered environments. We substantiate the superiority of our proposed approach through simulations and real-world tests encompassing various terrain types.


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