RoCo: Dialectic Multi-Robot Collaboration with Large Language Models

by   Zhao Mandi, et al.

We propose a novel approach to multi-robot collaboration that harnesses the power of pre-trained large language models (LLMs) for both high-level communication and low-level path planning. Robots are equipped with LLMs to discuss and collectively reason task strategies. They then generate sub-task plans and task space waypoint paths, which are used by a multi-arm motion planner to accelerate trajectory planning. We also provide feedback from the environment, such as collision checking, and prompt the LLM agents to improve their plan and waypoints in-context. For evaluation, we introduce RoCoBench, a 6-task benchmark covering a wide range of multi-robot collaboration scenarios, accompanied by a text-only dataset for agent representation and reasoning. We experimentally demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach – it achieves high success rates across all tasks in RoCoBench and adapts to variations in task semantics. Our dialog setup offers high interpretability and flexibility – in real world experiments, we show RoCo easily incorporates human-in-the-loop, where a user can communicate and collaborate with a robot agent to complete tasks together. See project website for videos and code.


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