Saihu: A Common Interface of Worst-Case Delay Analysis Tools for Time-Sensitive Networks

by   Chun-Tso Tsai, et al.

Time-sensitive networks, as in the context of IEEE-TSN and IETF-Detnet, require bounds on worst-case delays. Various network analysis tools compute such bounds, but these tools are based on different methods and provide different valid delay bounds. Hence, it is essential to identify the best, smallest bounds. As of today, users must implement multiple pieces of code with different syntaxes for each tool, as each tool is implemented by different groups and uses different programming languages and syntaxes. This results in a significant amount of mechanical actions from users and being error-prone. In this paper, we present Saihu, a Python interface that integrates xTFA (supports TFA), DiscoDNC (supports LUDB, PMOO, SFA), and Panco (supports PLP and ELP), the three most frequently used worst-case network analysis tools. Saihu provides a general interface that enables defining the networks in a single XML or JSON file and executing all tools simultaneously without any adjustment for individual tools. Saihu also exports analysis results into formatted reports automatically, and it offers automatic network generation for certain types of networks. Therefore, with its straightforward syntax and ease of execution, Saihu reduces the burden on users and makes it a valuable tool for anyone working with time-sensitive networks. Lastly, we modularize the package to incorporate more tools in the future.


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