Secure and Efficient Blockchain based Knowledge Sharing for Intelligent Connected Vehicles

by   Haoye Chai, et al.
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
University of Essex

The emergence of Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVs) shows great potential for future intelligent traffic systems, enhancing both traffic safety and road efficiency. However, the ICVs relying on data driven perception and driving models face many challenges, such as the lack of comprehensive knowledge to deal with complicated driving context. In this paper, we are motivated to investigate cooperative knowledge sharing for ICVs. We propose a secure and efficient directed acyclic graph (DAG) blockchain based knowledge sharing framework, wherein a distributed learning based scheme is utilized to enhance the efficiency of knowledge sharing and a DAG system is designed to guarantee the security of shared learning models. To cater for the time-intense demand of highly dynamic vehicular networks, a lightweight DAG is designed to reduce the operation latency in terms of fast consensus and authentication. Moreover, to further enhance model accuracy as well as minimizing bandwidth consumption, an adaptive asynchronous distributed learning (ADL) based scheme is proposed for model uploading and downloading. Experiment results show that the DAG based framework is lightweight and secure, which reduces both chosen and confirmation delay as well as resisting malicious attacks. In addition, the proposed adaptive ADL scheme enhances driving safety related performance compared to several existing algorithms.


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