Semantic-aware Dense Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection

by   Hao Chen, et al.

Training deep learning-based change detection (CD) model heavily depends on labeled data. Contemporary transfer learning-based methods to alleviate the CD label insufficiency mainly upon ImageNet pre-training. A recent trend is using remote sensing (RS) data to obtain in-domain representations via supervised or self-supervised learning (SSL). Here, different from traditional supervised pre-training that learns the mapping from image to label, we leverage semantic supervision in a contrastive manner. There are typically multiple objects of interest (e.g., buildings) distributed in varying locations in RS images. We propose dense semantic-aware pre-training for RS image CD via sampling multiple class-balanced points. Instead of manipulating image-level representations that lack spatial information, we constrain pixel-level cross-view consistency and cross-semantic discrimination to learn spatially-sensitive features, thus benefiting downstream dense CD. Apart from learning illumination invariant features, we fulfill consistent foreground features insensitive to irrelevant background changes via a synthetic view using background swapping. We additionally achieve discriminative representations to distinguish foreground land-covers and others. We collect large-scale image-mask pairs freely available in the RS community for pre-training. Extensive experiments on three CD datasets verify the effectiveness of our method. Ours significantly outperforms ImageNet, in-domain supervision, and several SSL methods. Empirical results indicate ours well alleviates data insufficiency in CD. Notably, we achieve competitive results using only 20 using 100 generalization ability of our pre-trained model to downstream images even remaining domain gaps with the pre-training data. Our Code will make public.


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