Semi-Synchronous Personalized Federated Learning over Mobile Edge Networks

by   Chaoqun You, et al.

Personalized Federated Learning (PFL) is a new Federated Learning (FL) approach to address the heterogeneity issue of the datasets generated by distributed user equipments (UEs). However, most existing PFL implementations rely on synchronous training to ensure good convergence performances, which may lead to a serious straggler problem, where the training time is heavily prolonged by the slowest UE. To address this issue, we propose a semi-synchronous PFL algorithm, termed as Semi-Synchronous Personalized FederatedAveraging (PerFedS^2), over mobile edge networks. By jointly optimizing the wireless bandwidth allocation and UE scheduling policy, it not only mitigates the straggler problem but also provides convergent training loss guarantees. We derive an upper bound of the convergence rate of PerFedS2 in terms of the number of participants per global round and the number of rounds. On this basis, the bandwidth allocation problem can be solved using analytical solutions and the UE scheduling policy can be obtained by a greedy algorithm. Experimental results verify the effectiveness of PerFedS2 in saving training time as well as guaranteeing the convergence of training loss, in contrast to synchronous and asynchronous PFL algorithms.


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