ShortcutFusion: From Tensorflow to FPGA-based accelerator with reuse-aware memory allocation for shortcut data

by   Duy Thanh Nguyen, et al.

Residual block is a very common component in recent state-of-the art CNNs such as EfficientNet or EfficientDet. Shortcut data accounts for nearly 40 feature-maps access in ResNet152 [8]. Most of the previous DNN compilers, accelerators ignore the shortcut data optimization. This paper presents ShortcutFusion, an optimization tool for FPGA-based accelerator with a reuse-aware static memory allocation for shortcut data, to maximize on-chip data reuse given resource constraints. From TensorFlow DNN models, the proposed design generates instruction sets for a group of nodes which uses an optimized data reuse for each residual block. The accelerator design implemented on the Xilinx KCU1500 FPGA card significantly outperforms NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, Titan Xp, and GTX 1080 Ti for the EfficientNet inference. Compared to RTX 2080 Ti, the proposed design is 1.35-2.33x faster and 6.7-7.9x more power efficient. Compared to the result from baseline, in which the weights, inputs, and outputs are accessed from the off-chip memory exactly once per each layer, ShortcutFusion reduces the DRAM access by 47.8-84.8 ResNet152, and EfficientNet. Given a similar buffer size to ShortcutMining [8], which also mine the shortcut data in hardware, the proposed work reduces off-chip access for feature-maps 5.27x while accessing weight from off-chip memory exactly once.


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