SIGMA : Strengthening IDS with GAN and Metaheuristics Attacks

by   Simon Msika, et al.

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a key cybersecurity tool for network administrators as it identifies malicious traffic and cyberattacks. With the recent successes of machine learning techniques such as deep learning, more and more IDS are now using machine learning algorithms to detect attacks faster. However, these systems lack robustness when facing previously unseen types of attacks. With the increasing number of new attacks, especially against Internet of Things devices, having a robust IDS able to spot unusual and new attacks becomes necessary. This work explores the possibility of leveraging generative adversarial models to improve the robustness of machine learning based IDS. More specifically, we propose a new method named SIGMA, that leverages adversarial examples to strengthen IDS against new types of attacks. Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and metaheuristics, SIGMA generates adversarial examples, iteratively, and uses it to retrain a machine learning-based IDS, until a convergence of the detection rate (i.e. until the detection system is not improving anymore). A round of improvement consists of a generative phase, in which we use GANs and metaheuristics to generate instances ; an evaluation phase in which we calculate the detection rate of those newly generated attacks ; and a training phase, in which we train the IDS with those attacks. We have evaluated the SIGMA method for four standard machine learning classification algorithms acting as IDS, with a combination of GAN and a hybrid local-search and genetic algorithm, to generate new datasets of attacks. Our results show that SIGMA can successfully generate adversarial attacks against different machine learning based IDS. Also, using SIGMA, we can improve the performance of an IDS to up to 100% after as little as two rounds of improvement.


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