Simplified DOM Trees for Transferable Attribute Extraction from the Web

by   Yichao Zhou, et al.

There has been a steady need to precisely extract structured knowledge from the web (i.e. HTML documents). Given a web page, extracting a structured object along with various attributes of interest (e.g. price, publisher, author, and genre for a book) can facilitate a variety of downstream applications such as large-scale knowledge base construction, e-commerce product search, and personalized recommendation. Considering each web page is rendered from an HTML DOM tree, existing approaches formulate the problem as a DOM tree node tagging task. However, they either rely on computationally expensive visual feature engineering or are incapable of modeling the relationship among the tree nodes. In this paper, we propose a novel transferable method, Simplified DOM Trees for Attribute Extraction (SimpDOM), to tackle the problem by efficiently retrieving useful context for each node by leveraging the tree structure. We study two challenging experimental settings: (i) intra-vertical few-shot extraction, and (ii) cross-vertical fewshot extraction with out-of-domain knowledge, to evaluate our approach. Extensive experiments on the SWDE public dataset show that SimpDOM outperforms the state-of-the-art (SOTA) method by 1.44 score. We also find that utilizing knowledge from a different vertical (cross-vertical extraction) is surprisingly useful and helps beat the SOTA by a further 1.37


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