Simulation and Analysis of Distributed Wireless Sensor Network using Message Passing Interface

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are used by many industries from environment monitoring systems to NASA's space exploration programs, as it has allowed society to monitor and prevent problems before they occur with less cost and maintenance. This document aims to propose and analyze an efficient inter process communication (IPC) architecture using a nearest neighbor/grid based socket architecture. A parallelized version of the AES encryption algorithm is also used in order to increase the security of the WSN. First the proposed architecture is compared and contrasted against other well established architectures. Next, the benefits and drawbacks of the AES encryption algorithm is elucidated. The Message Parsing Interface (MPI) library in C is used for the communication while OpenMP is used for parallelizing the encryption algorithm. Next an analysis is performed on the results obtained from multiple simulations. Finally a conclusion is made that the grid based IPC architecture with AES parallel encryption helps WSNs maintain security in communication while being cost and power efficient to operate.


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