Slimmable Pruned Neural Networks

by   Hideaki Kuratsu, et al.

Slimmable Neural Networks (S-Net) is a novel network which enabled to select one of the predefined proportions of channels (sub-network) dynamically depending on the current computational resource availability. The accuracy of each sub-network on S-Net, however, is inferior to that of individually trained networks of the same size due to its difficulty of simultaneous optimization on different sub-networks. In this paper, we propose Slimmable Pruned Neural Networks (SP-Net), which has sub-network structures learned by pruning instead of adopting structures with the same proportion of channels in each layer (width multiplier) like S-Net, and we also propose new pruning procedures: multi-base pruning instead of one-shot or iterative pruning to realize high accuracy and huge training time saving. We also introduced slimmable channel sorting (scs) to achieve calculation as fast as S-Net and zero padding match (zpm) pruning to prune residual structure in more efficient way. SP-Net can be combined with any kind of channel pruning methods and does not require any complicated processing or time-consuming architecture search like NAS models. Compared with each sub-network of the same FLOPs on S-Net, SP-Net improves accuracy by 1.2-1.5 MobileNetV1, 1.4-3.1 outperform other SOTA pruning methods and are on par with various NAS models according to our experimental results on ImageNet. The code is available at


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