Smooth Shells: Multi-Scale Shape Registration with Functional Maps

by   Marvin Eisenberger, et al.

We propose a novel 3D shape correspondence method based on the iterative alignment of so-called smooth shells. Smooth shells define a series of coarse-to-fine, smooth shape approximations that are designed to work well with multiscale algorithms. In this paper, we alternate between aligning smooth shells and computing Functional Maps between the inputs. Aligning very smooth approximations reduces the complexity of the overall process but during the iterations the amount of detail in the shells increases which helps to refine the resulting correspondence. Furthermore, we solve the problem of ambiguities from intrinsic symmetries by applying a surrogate based Markov chain Monte Carlo initialization. We show state-of-the-art quantitative results on several datasets focussing on isometries, topological changes and different connectivity. Additionally, we show qualitative results on challenging interclass pairs.


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