Spatio-Temporal Action Detection with Cascade Proposal and Location Anticipation

by   Zhenheng Yang, et al.

In this work, we address the problem of spatio-temporal action detection in temporally untrimmed videos. It is an important and challenging task as finding accurate human actions in both temporal and spatial space is important for analyzing large-scale video data. To tackle this problem, we propose a cascade proposal and location anticipation (CPLA) model for frame-level action detection. There are several salient points of our model: (1) a cascade region proposal network (casRPN) is adopted for action proposal generation and shows better localization accuracy compared with single region proposal network (RPN); (2) action spatio-temporal consistencies are exploited via a location anticipation network (LAN) and thus frame-level action detection is not conducted independently. Frame-level detections are then linked by solving an linking score maximization problem, and temporally trimmed into spatio-temporal action tubes. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our model on the challenging UCF101 and LIRIS-HARL datasets, both achieving state-of-the-art performance.


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