Spectral Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Tradeoff in Massive MIMO Downlink Transmission with Statistical CSIT

by   Li You, et al.

As a key technology for future wireless networks, massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) can significantly improve the energy efficiency (EE) and spectral efficiency (SE), and the performance is highly dependant on the degree of the available channel state information (CSI). While most existing works on massive MIMO focused on the case where the instantaneous CSI at the transmitter (CSIT) is available, it is usually not an easy task to obtain precise instantaneous CSIT. In this paper, we investigate EE-SE tradeoff in single-cell massive MIMO downlink transmission with statistical CSIT. To this end, we aim to optimize the system resource efficiency (RE), which is capable of striking an EE-SE balance. We first figure out a closed-form solution for the eigenvectors of the optimal transmit covariance matrices of different user terminals, which indicates that beam domain is in favor of performing RE optimal transmission in massive MIMO downlink. Based on this insight, the RE optimization precoding design is reduced to a real-valued power allocation problem. Exploiting the techniques of sequential optimization and random matrix theory, we further propose a low-complexity suboptimal two-layer water-filling-structured power allocation algorithm. Numerical results illustrate the effectiveness and near-optimal performance of the proposed statistical CSI aided RE optimization approach.


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