SRPerf: a Performance Evaluation Framework for IPv6 Segment Routing

by   Ahmed Abdelsalam, et al.

Segment Routing is a form of loose source routing. It provides the ability to include a list of instructions (called segments), in the packet headers. The Segment Routing architecture has been first implemented with the MPLS dataplane and then, quite recently, with the IPv6 dataplane (SRv6). IPv6 Segment Routing (SRv6) is a promising solution to support advanced services such as Traffic Engineering, Service Function Chaining, Virtual Private Networks, and Load Balancing. The SRv6 data-plane is supported in many different software forwarding engines including the Linux kernel and VPP software router, as well as in hardware devices. In this paper, we present SRPerf, a performance evaluation framework for software and hardware implementations of SRv6. SRPerf is able to perform different benchmarking tests such as throughput and latency. For throughput tests, we use the Partial Drop Rate (PDR) to characterize a system under test. The architecture of SRPerf can be easily extended to support new benchmarking methodologies as well as different SRv6 implementations. We have used SRPerf to evaluate the performance of the SRv6 implementation in the Linux kernel and in VPP. SRPerf is a valuable tool in the context of software forwarding engines where new features can be added at fast pace, as it helps experimenters to validate their work. In particular, we describe how we have leveraged SRPerf to validate the implementation of some SRv6 behaviors that were missing or wrongly implemented in the Linux kernel mainline.


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