Stabilization of parareal algorithms for long time computation of a class of highly oscillatory Hamiltonian flows using data

by   Rui Fang, et al.

Applying parallel-in-time algorithms to multiscale Hamiltonian systems to obtain stable long time simulations is very challenging. In this paper, we present novel data-driven methods aimed at improving the standard parareal algorithm developed by Lion, Maday, and Turinici in 2001, for multiscale Hamiltonian systems. The first method involves constructing a correction operator to improve a given inaccurate coarse solver through solving a Procrustes problem using data collected online along parareal trajectories. The second method involves constructing an efficient, high-fidelity solver by a neural network trained with offline generated data. For the second method, we address the issues of effective data generation and proper loss function design based on the Hamiltonian function. We show proof-of-concept by applying the proposed methods to a Fermi-Pasta-Ulum (FPU) problem. The numerical results demonstrate that the Procrustes parareal method is able to produce solutions that are more stable in energy compared to the standard parareal. The neural network solver can achieve comparable or better runtime performance compared to numerical solvers of similar accuracy. When combined with the standard parareal algorithm, the improved neural network solutions are slightly more stable in energy than the improved numerical coarse solutions.


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