STD-Net: Structure-preserving and Topology-adaptive Deformation Network for 3D Reconstruction from a Single Image

by   Aihua Mao, et al.

3D reconstruction from a single view image is a long-standing prob-lem in computer vision. Various methods based on different shape representations(such as point cloud or volumetric representations) have been proposed. However,the 3D shape reconstruction with fine details and complex structures are still chal-lenging and have not yet be solved. Thanks to the recent advance of the deepshape representations, it becomes promising to learn the structure and detail rep-resentation using deep neural networks. In this paper, we propose a novel methodcalled STD-Net to reconstruct the 3D models utilizing the mesh representationthat is well suitable for characterizing complex structure and geometry details.To reconstruct complex 3D mesh models with fine details, our method consists of(1) an auto-encoder network for recovering the structure of an object with bound-ing box representation from a single image, (2) a topology-adaptive graph CNNfor updating vertex position for meshes of complex topology, and (3) an unifiedmesh deformation block that deforms the structural boxes into structure-awaremeshed models. Experimental results on the images from ShapeNet show that ourproposed STD-Net has better performance than other state-of-the-art methods onreconstructing 3D objects with complex structures and fine geometric details.


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