Strain energy density as a Gaussian process and its utilization in stochastic finite element analysis: application to planar soft tissues

by   Ankush Aggarwal, et al.

Data-based approaches are promising alternatives to the traditional analytical constitutive models for solid mechanics. Herein, we propose a Gaussian process (GP) based constitutive modeling framework, specifically focusing on planar, hyperelastic and incompressible soft tissues. The strain energy density of soft tissues is modeled as a GP, which can be regressed to experimental stress-strain data obtained from biaxial experiments. Moreover, the GP model can be weakly constrained to be convex. A key advantage of a GP-based model is that, in addition to the mean value, it provides a probability density (i.e. associated uncertainty) for the strain energy density. To simulate the effect of this uncertainty, a non-intrusive stochastic finite element analysis (SFEA) framework is proposed. The proposed framework is verified against an artificial dataset based on the Gasser–Ogden–Holzapfel model and applied to a real experimental dataset of a porcine aortic valve leaflet tissue. Results show that the proposed framework can be trained with limited experimental data and fits the data better than several existing models. The SFEA framework provides a straightforward way of using the experimental data and quantifying the resulting uncertainty in simulation-based predictions.


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