Structural Temporal Graph Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Graphs

by   Lei Cai, et al.

Detecting anomalies in dynamic graphs is a vital task, with numerous practical applications in areas such as security, finance, and social media. Previous network embedding based methods have been mostly focusing on learning good node representations, whereas largely ignoring the subgraph structural changes related to the target nodes in dynamic graphs. In this paper, we propose , an end-to-end structural temporal Graph Neural Network model for detecting anomalous edges in dynamic graphs. In particular, we first extract the h-hop enclosing subgraph centered on the target edge and propose the node labeling function to identify the role of each node in the subgraph. Then, we leverage graph convolution operation and Sortpooling layer to extract the fixed-size feature from each snapshot/timestamp. Based on the extracted features, we utilize Gated recurrent units (GRUs) to capture the temporal information for anomaly detection. Extensive experiments on six benchmark datasets and a real enterprise security system demonstrate the effectiveness of .


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