StyO: Stylize Your Face in Only One-Shot

by   Bonan Li, et al.

This paper focuses on face stylization with a single artistic target. Existing works for this task often fail to retain the source content while achieving geometry variation. Here, we present a novel StyO model, ie. Stylize the face in only One-shot, to solve the above problem. In particular, StyO exploits a disentanglement and recombination strategy. It first disentangles the content and style of source and target images into identifiers, which are then recombined in a cross manner to derive the stylized face image. In this way, StyO decomposes complex images into independent and specific attributes, and simplifies one-shot face stylization as the combination of different attributes from input images, thus producing results better matching face geometry of target image and content of source one. StyO is implemented with latent diffusion models (LDM) and composed of two key modules: 1) Identifier Disentanglement Learner (IDL) for disentanglement phase. It represents identifiers as contrastive text prompts, ie. positive and negative descriptions. And it introduces a novel triple reconstruction loss to fine-tune the pre-trained LDM for encoding style and content into corresponding identifiers; 2) Fine-grained Content Controller (FCC) for the recombination phase. It recombines disentangled identifiers from IDL to form an augmented text prompt for generating stylized faces. In addition, FCC also constrains the cross-attention maps of latent and text features to preserve source face details in results. The extensive evaluation shows that StyO produces high-quality images on numerous paintings of various styles and outperforms the current state-of-the-art. Code will be released upon acceptance.


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