Sync-Switch: Hybrid Parameter Synchronization for Distributed Deep Learning

by   Shijian Li, et al.

Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) has become the de facto way to train deep neural networks in distributed clusters. A critical factor in determining the training throughput and model accuracy is the choice of the parameter synchronization protocol. For example, while Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) often achieves better converged accuracy, the corresponding training throughput can be negatively impacted by stragglers. In contrast, Asynchronous Parallel (ASP) can have higher throughput, but its convergence and accuracy can be impacted by stale gradients. To improve the performance of synchronization protocol, recent work often focuses on designing new protocols with a heavy reliance on hard-to-tune hyper-parameters. In this paper, we design a hybrid synchronization approach that exploits the benefits of both BSP and ASP, i.e., reducing training time while simultaneously maintaining the converged accuracy. Based on extensive empirical profiling, we devise a collection of adaptive policies that determine how and when to switch between synchronization protocols. Our policies include both offline ones that target recurring jobs and online ones for handling transient stragglers. We implement the proposed policies in a prototype system, called Sync-Switch, on top of TensorFlow, and evaluate the training performance with popular deep learning models and datasets. Our experiments show that Sync-Switch achieves up to 5.13X throughput speedup and similar converged accuracy when comparing to BSP. Further, we observe that Sync-Switch achieves 3.8 1.23X the training time compared to training with ASP. Moreover, Sync-Switch can be used in settings when training with ASP leads to divergence errors. Sync-Switch achieves all of these benefits with very low overhead, e.g., the framework overhead can be as low as 1.7


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