Synthesizing Diverse Human Motions in 3D Indoor Scenes

by   Kaifeng Zhao, et al.

We present a novel method for populating 3D indoor scenes with virtual humans that can navigate the environment and interact with objects in a realistic manner. Existing approaches rely on high-quality training sequences that capture a diverse range of human motions in 3D scenes. However, such motion data is costly, difficult to obtain and can never cover the full range of plausible human-scene interactions in complex indoor environments. To address these challenges, we propose a reinforcement learning-based approach to learn policy networks that predict latent variables of a powerful generative motion model that is trained on a large-scale motion capture dataset (AMASS). For navigating in a 3D environment, we propose a scene-aware policy training scheme with a novel collision avoidance reward function. Combined with the powerful generative motion model, we can synthesize highly diverse human motions navigating 3D indoor scenes, meanwhile effectively avoiding obstacles. For detailed human-object interactions, we carefully curate interaction-aware reward functions by leveraging a marker-based body representation and the signed distance field (SDF) representation of the 3D scene. With a number of important training design schemes, our method can synthesize realistic and diverse human-object interactions (e.g., sitting on a chair and then getting up) even for out-of-distribution test scenarios with different object shapes, orientations, starting body positions, and poses. Experimental results demonstrate that our approach outperforms state-of-the-art human-scene interaction synthesis frameworks in terms of both motion naturalness and diversity. Video results are available on the project page:


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