TaDeR: A New Task Dependency Recommendation for Project Management Platform

by   Quynh Nguyen, et al.

Many startups and companies worldwide have been using project management software and tools to monitor, track and manage their projects. For software projects, the number of tasks from the beginning to the end is quite a large number that sometimes takes a lot of time and effort to search and link the current task to a group of previous ones for further references. This paper proposes an efficient task dependency recommendation algorithm to suggest tasks dependent on a given task that the user has just created. We present an efficient feature engineering step and construct a deep neural network to this aim. We performed extensive experiments on two different large projects (MDLSITE from moodle.org and FLUME from apache.org) to find the best features in 28 combinations of features and the best performance model using two embedding methods (GloVe and FastText). We consider three types of models (GRU, CNN, LSTM) using Accuracy@K, MRR@K, and Recall@K (where K = 1, 2, 3, and 5) and baseline models using traditional methods: TF-IDF with various matching score calculating such as cosine similarity, Euclidean distance, Manhattan distance, and Chebyshev distance. After many experiments, the GloVe Embedding and CNN model reached the best result in our dataset, so we chose this model as our proposed method. In addition, adding the time filter in the post-processing step can significantly improve the recommendation system's performance. The experimental results show that our proposed method can reach 0.2335 in Accuracy@1 and MRR@1 and 0.2011 in Recall@1 of dataset FLUME. With the MDLSITE dataset, we obtained 0.1258 in Accuracy@1 and MRR@1 and 0.1141 in Recall@1. In the top 5, our model reached 0.3040 in Accuracy@5, 0.2563 MRR@5, and 0.2651 Recall@5 in FLUME. In the MDLSITE dataset, our model got 0.5270 Accuracy@5, 0.2689 MRR@5, and 0.2651 Recall@5.


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