Teaching Creativity Using a Realistic Multi-User Operation: Packet Tracer

Multi-user capabilities in Cisco Packet Tracer provide an incentive for immersive realistic learning to increase the efficiency of teaching and learning in the networking class. It is difficult to evaluate the configuration skills of the students in the classroom, particularly during laboratory class, while teaching networking course, the most problems for lecturers. The multi-user functionality that uses the one-to-many remote relay server concept allows lecturers to remotely control and test many students at one time. The key purpose of this paper is to incorporate creativity in teaching by using realistic multi-user practises in the networking class. In this study, the multiuser operation was developed and used via an existing LAN link in the classroom. The focus of the operation is the simple configuration of network equipment such as routers and switches. This practise was used during the laboratory session, encouraging lecturers to establish relationships based on a large audience. The professor is able to evaluate the success of the students during the execution of the activity and to ensure that each student engages in the activity. As a result of introducing this approach, the curiosity of students in technical subjects can be improved and student success can be conveniently tracked on the part of the lecturer. Lecturers are able to monitor the configuration capabilities of students closely to ensure that each student engages in the laboratory class. The lecturer will train students not only to develop their configuration and troubleshooting abilities by using this teaching form, but also to accelerate the pace at which students need to fix network problems.


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