Techniques for Continuous Touch-Based Authentication Modeling

by   Martin Georgiev, et al.

The field of touch-based authentication has been rapidly developing over the last decade, creating a fragmented and difficult-to-navigate area for researchers and application developers alike due to the variety of methods investigated. In this study, we perform a systematic literature analysis of 30 studies on the techniques used for feature extraction, classification, and aggregation in touch-based authentication systems as well as the performance metrics reported by each study. Based on our findings, we design a set of experiments to compare the performance of the most frequently used techniques in the field under clearly defined conditions. In addition, we introduce three new techniques for touch-based authentication: an expanded feature set (consisting of 149 unique features), a multi-algorithm ensemble-based classifier, and a Recurrent Neural Network based stacking aggregation method. The comparison includes 14 feature sets, 11 classifiers, and 5 aggregation methods. In total, 219 model configurations are examined and we show that our novel techniques outperform the current state-of-the-art in each category. The results are also validated across three different publicly available datasets. Finally, we discuss the findings of our investigation with the aim of making the field more understandable and accessible for researchers and practitioners.


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