The Misuse of AUC: What High Impact Risk Assessment Gets Wrong

by   Kweku Kwegyir-Aggrey, et al.

When determining which machine learning model best performs some high impact risk assessment task, practitioners commonly use the Area under the Curve (AUC) to defend and validate their model choices. In this paper, we argue that the current use and understanding of AUC as a model performance metric misunderstands the way the metric was intended to be used. To this end, we characterize the misuse of AUC and illustrate how this misuse negatively manifests in the real world across several risk assessment domains. We locate this disconnect in the way the original interpretation of AUC has shifted over time to the point where issues pertaining to decision thresholds, class balance, statistical uncertainty, and protected groups remain unaddressed by AUC-based model comparisons, and where model choices that should be the purview of policymakers are hidden behind the veil of mathematical rigor. We conclude that current model validation practices involving AUC are not robust, and often invalid.


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