The use of 5G Non-Public Networks to support Industry 4.0 scenarios

by   Jose Ordonez-Lucena, et al.

The on-going digital transformation is key to progress towards a new generation of more efficient, sustainable and connected industrial systems allowing the so-called factories of the future. This new generation, commonly referred to as industry 4.0, will be accompanied by a new wave of use cases that will allow companies from logistics and manufacturing sectors to increase flexibility, productivity and usability in the industrial processes executed within their factory premises. Unlike typical use cases from other vertical sectors (e.g. energy, media, smart cities), industry 4.0 use cases will bring very stringent requirements in terms of latency, reliability and high-accuracy positioning. The combination of 5G technology with enterprise network solutions becomes crucial to satisfy these requirements in indoor, private environments. In this context, the concept of 5G non-public networks has emerged. In this article we provide an overview of 5G non-public networks, studying their applicability to the industry 4.0 ecosystem. On the basis of the work (being) developed in 3GPP Release 16 specifications, we identify a number of deployment options relevant for non-public networks, and discuss their integration with mobile network operators' public networks. Finally, we provide a comparative analysis of these options, assessing their feasibility according to different criteria, including technical, regulatory and business aspects. The outcome of this analysis will help industry players interested in using non-public networks to decide which is the most appropriate deployment option for their use cases.


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