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TOAST: Topological Algorithm for Singularity Tracking

by   Julius von Rohrscheidt, et al.

The manifold hypothesis, which assumes that data lie on or close to an unknown manifold of low intrinsic dimensionality, is a staple of modern machine learning research. However, recent work has shown that real-world data exhibit distinct non-manifold structures, which result in singularities that can lead to erroneous conclusions about the data. Detecting such singularities is therefore crucial as a precursor to interpolation and inference tasks. We address detecting singularities by developing (i) persistent local homology, a new topology-driven framework for quantifying the intrinsic dimension of a data set locally, and (ii) Euclidicity, a topology-based multi-scale measure for assessing the 'manifoldness' of individual points. We show that our approach can reliably identify singularities of complex spaces, while also capturing singular structures in real-world data sets.


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