TODG: Distributed Task Offloading with Delay Guarantees for Edge Computing

by   Sheng Yue, et al.

Edge computing has been an efficient way to provide prompt and near-data computing services for resource-and-delay sensitive IoT applications via computation offloading. Effective computation offloading strategies need to comprehensively cope with several major issues, including the allocation of dynamic communication and computational resources, the deadline constraints of heterogeneous tasks, and the requirements for computationally inexpensive and distributed algorithms. However, most of the existing works mainly focus on part of these issues, which would not suffice to achieve expected performance in complex and practical scenarios. To tackle this challenge, in this paper, we systematically study a distributed computation offloading problem with hard delay constraints, where heterogeneous computational tasks require continually offloading to a set of edge servers via a limiting number of stochastic communication channels. The task offloading problem is then cast as a delay-constrained long-term stochastic optimization problem under unknown priori statistical knowledge. To resolve this problem, we first provide a technical path to transform and decompose it into several slot-level subproblems, then we develop a distributed online algorithm, namely TODG, to efficiently allocate the resources and schedule the offloading tasks with delay guarantees. Further, we present a comprehensive analysis for TODG, in terms of the optimality gap, the delay guarantees, and the impact of system parameters. Extensive simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of TODG.


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