Towards Agrobots: Trajectory Control of an Autonomous Tractor Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers

by   Erdal Kayacan, et al.

Provision of some autonomous functions to an agricultural vehicle would lighten the job of the operator but in doing so, the accuracy should not be lost to still obtain an optimal yield. Autonomous navigation of an agricultural vehicle involves the control of different dynamic subsystems, such as the yaw angle dynamics and the longitudinal speed dynamics. In this study, a proportional-integral-derivative controller is used to control the longitudinal velocity of the tractor. For the control of the yaw angle dynamics, a proportional-derivative controller works in parallel with a type-2 fuzzy neural network. In such an arrangement, the former ensures the stability of the related subsystem, while the latter learns the system dynamics and becomes the leading controller. In this way, instead of modeling the interactions between the subsystems prior to the design of model-based control, we develop a control algorithm which learns the interactions online from the measured feedback error. In addition to the control of the stated subsystems, a kinematic controller is needed to correct the errors in both the x- and the y- axis for the trajectory tracking problem of the tractor. To demonstrate the real-time abilities of the proposed control scheme, an autonomous tractor is equipped with the use of reasonably priced sensors and actuators. Experimental results show the efficacy and efficiency of the proposed learning algorithm.


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