Towards Efficient and Comprehensive Urban Spatial-Temporal Prediction: A Unified Library and Performance Benchmark

by   Jingyuan Wang, et al.
Beihang University

As deep learning technology advances and more urban spatial-temporal data accumulates, an increasing number of deep learning models are being proposed to solve urban spatial-temporal prediction problems. However, there are limitations in the existing field, including open-source data being in various formats and difficult to use, few papers making their code and data openly available, and open-source models often using different frameworks and platforms, making comparisons challenging. A standardized framework is urgently needed to implement and evaluate these methods. To address these issues, we provide a comprehensive review of urban spatial-temporal prediction and propose a unified storage format for spatial-temporal data called atomic files. We also propose LibCity, an open-source library that offers researchers a credible experimental tool and a convenient development framework. In this library, we have reproduced 65 spatial-temporal prediction models and collected 55 spatial-temporal datasets, allowing researchers to conduct comprehensive experiments conveniently. Using LibCity, we conducted a series of experiments to validate the effectiveness of different models and components, and we summarized promising future technology developments and research directions for spatial-temporal prediction. By enabling fair model comparisons, designing a unified data storage format, and simplifying the process of developing new models, LibCity is poised to make significant contributions to the spatial-temporal prediction field.


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