Towards Safe and Efficient Swarm-Human Collaboration: A Hierarchical Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery framework

by   Xin Gong, et al.
The University of Hong Kong
Texas A&M University

The multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery (MAPD) problem is crucial in the realm of Intelligent Storage Systems (ISSs), where multiple robots are assigned with time-varying, heterogeneous, and potentially uncertain tasks. When it comes to Human-Swarm Hybrid System ((HS)_2), robots and human workers will accomplish the MAPD tasks in collaboration. Herein, we propose a Human-Swarm Hybrid System Pickup and Delivery ((HS)_2PD) framework, which is predominant in future ISSs. A two-layer decision framework based on the prediction horizon window is established in light of the unpredictability of human behavior and the dynamic changes of tasks. The first layer is a two-level programming problem to solve the problems of mode assignment and TA. The second layer is devoted to the exact path of each agent via solving mixed-integer programming (MIP) problems. An integrated algorithm for the (HS)_2PD problem is summarized. The practicality and validity of the above algorithm are illustrated via a numerical simulation example towards (HS)_2PD tasks.


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