Transfer Learning and Vision Transformer based State-of-Health prediction of Lithium-Ion Batteries

by   Pengyu Fu, et al.

In recent years, significant progress has been made in transportation electrification. And lithium-ion batteries (LIB), as the main energy storage devices, have received widespread attention. Accurately predicting the state of health (SOH) can not only ease the anxiety of users about the battery life but also provide important information for the management of the battery. This paper presents a prediction method for SOH based on Vision Transformer (ViT) model. First, discrete charging data of a predefined voltage range is used as an input data matrix. Then, the cycle features of the battery are captured by the ViT which can obtain the global features, and the SOH is obtained by combining the cycle features with the full connection (FC) layer. At the same time, transfer learning (TL) is introduced, and the prediction model based on source task battery training is further fine-tuned according to the early cycle data of the target task battery to provide an accurate prediction. Experiments show that our method can obtain better feature expression compared with existing deep learning methods so that better prediction effect and transfer effect can be achieved.


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