Transfer Learning of Graph Neural Networks with Ego-graph Information Maximization

by   Qi Zhu, et al.

Graph neural networks (GNNs) have been shown with superior performance in various applications, but training dedicated GNNs can be costly for large-scale graphs. Some recent work started to study the pre-training of GNNs. However, none of them provide theoretical insights into the design of their frameworks, or clear requirements and guarantees towards the transferability of GNNs. In this work, we establish a theoretically grounded and practically useful framework for the transfer learning of GNNs. Firstly, we propose a novel view towards the essential graph information and advocate the capturing of it as the goal of transferable GNN training, which motivates the design of Ours, a novel GNN framework based on ego-graph information maximization to analytically achieve this goal. Secondly, we specify the requirement of structure-respecting node features as the GNN input, and derive a rigorous bound of GNN transferability based on the difference between the local graph Laplacians of the source and target graphs. Finally, we conduct controlled synthetic experiments to directly justify our theoretical conclusions. Extensive experiments on real-world networks towards role identification show consistent results in the rigorously analyzed setting of direct-transfering, while those towards large-scale relation prediction show promising results in the more generalized and practical setting of transfering with fine-tuning.


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