Transformer Meets DCFAM: A Novel Semantic Segmentation Scheme for Fine-Resolution Remote Sensing Images

by   Libo Wang, et al.

The fully-convolutional network (FCN) with an encoder-decoder architecture has become the standard paradigm for semantic segmentation. The encoder-decoder architecture utilizes an encoder to capture multi-level feature maps, which are then incorporated into the final prediction by a decoder. As the context is critical for precise segmentation, tremendous effort has been made to extract such information in an intelligent manner, including employing dilated/atrous convolutions or inserting attention modules. However, the aforementioned endeavors are all based on the FCN architecture with ResNet backbone which cannot tackle the context issue from the root. By contrast, we introduce the Swin Transformer as the backbone to fully extract the context information and design a novel decoder named densely connected feature aggregation module (DCFAM) to restore the resolution and generate the segmentation map. The extensive experiments on two datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.


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