TranssionADD: A multi-frame reinforcement based sequence tagging model for audio deepfake detection

by   Jie Liu, et al.

Thanks to recent advancements in end-to-end speech modeling technology, it has become increasingly feasible to imitate and clone a user`s voice. This leads to a significant challenge in differentiating between authentic and fabricated audio segments. To address the issue of user voice abuse and misuse, the second Audio Deepfake Detection Challenge (ADD 2023) aims to detect and analyze deepfake speech utterances. Specifically, Track 2, named the Manipulation Region Location (RL), aims to pinpoint the location of manipulated regions in audio, which can be present in both real and generated audio segments. We propose our novel TranssionADD system as a solution to the challenging problem of model robustness and audio segment outliers in the trace competition. Our system provides three unique contributions: 1) we adapt sequence tagging task for audio deepfake detection; 2) we improve model generalization by various data augmentation techniques; 3) we incorporate multi-frame detection (MFD) module to overcome limited representation provided by a single frame and use isolated-frame penalty (IFP) loss to handle outliers in segments. Our best submission achieved 2nd place in Track 2, demonstrating the effectiveness and robustness of our proposed system.


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