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Uniform minorization condition and convergence bounds for discretizations of kinetic Langevin dynamics

by   Alain Durmus, et al.

We study the convergence in total variation and V-norm of discretization schemes of the underdamped Langevin dynamics. Such algorithms are very popular and commonly used in molecular dynamics and computational statistics to approximatively sample from a target distribution of interest. We show first that, for a very large class of schemes, a minorization condition uniform in the stepsize holds. This class encompasses popular methods such as the Euler-Maruyama scheme and the schemes based on splitting strategies. Second, we provide mild conditions ensuring that the class of schemes that we consider satisfies a geometric Foster–Lyapunov drift condition, again uniform in the stepsize. This allows us to derive geometric convergence bounds, with a convergence rate scaling linearly with the stepsize. This kind of result is of prime interest to obtain estimates on norms of solutions to Poisson equations associated with a given numerical method.


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