Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for Assessing and Monitoring Fall Hazard Prevention Systems in High-rise Building Projects

by   Yimeng Li, et al.

This study develops a framework for unmanned aerial systems (UASs) to monitor fall hazard prevention systems near unprotected edges and openings in high-rise building projects. A three-step machine-learning-based framework was developed and tested to detect guardrail posts from the images captured by UAS. First, a guardrail detector was trained to localize the candidate locations of posts supporting the guardrail. Since images were used in this process collected from an actual job site, several false detections were identified. Therefore, additional constraints were introduced in the following steps to filter out false detections. Second, the research team applied a horizontal line detector to the image to properly detect floors and remove the detections that were not close to the floors. Finally, since the guardrail posts are installed with approximately normal distribution between each post, the space between them was estimated and used to find the most likely distance between the two posts. The research team used various combinations of the developed approaches to monitor guardrail systems in the captured images from a high-rise building project. Comparing the precision and recall metrics indicated that the cascade classifier achieves better performance with floor detection and guardrail spacing estimation. The research outcomes illustrate that the proposed guardrail recognition system can improve the assessment of guardrails and facilitate the safety engineer's task of identifying fall hazards in high-rise building projects.


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