VoxelFormer: Bird's-Eye-View Feature Generation based on Dual-view Attention for Multi-view 3D Object Detection

by   Zhuoling Li, et al.

In recent years, transformer-based detectors have demonstrated remarkable performance in 2D visual perception tasks. However, their performance in multi-view 3D object detection remains inferior to the state-of-the-art (SOTA) of convolutional neural network based detectors. In this work, we investigate this issue from the perspective of bird's-eye-view (BEV) feature generation. Specifically, we examine the BEV feature generation method employed by the transformer-based SOTA, BEVFormer, and identify its two limitations: (i) it only generates attention weights from BEV, which precludes the use of lidar points for supervision, and (ii) it aggregates camera view features to the BEV through deformable sampling, which only selects a small subset of features and fails to exploit all information. To overcome these limitations, we propose a novel BEV feature generation method, dual-view attention, which generates attention weights from both the BEV and camera view. This method encodes all camera features into the BEV feature. By combining dual-view attention with the BEVFormer architecture, we build a new detector named VoxelFormer. Extensive experiments are conducted on the nuScenes benchmark to verify the superiority of dual-view attention and VoxelForer. We observe that even only adopting 3 encoders and 1 historical frame during training, VoxelFormer still outperforms BEVFormer significantly. When trained in the same setting, VoxelFormer can surpass BEVFormer by 4.9 https://github.com/Lizhuoling/VoxelFormer-public.git.


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