Why We Should NOT Talk about 6G

by   Frank H. P. Fitzek, et al.

While 5G mobile communication systems are currently in deployment, researchers around the world have already started to discuss 6G technology and funding agencies started their first programs with a 6G label. Although it may seem like a good idea from a historical point of view with returning generations every decade, this contribution will show that there is a great risk of introducing 6G labels at this time. While the reasons to not talk about 6G yet are manifold, some of the more dominant ones are i.) there exists a lack of real technology advancements introduced by a potential 6G system; ii.) the flexibility of the 5G communication system introduced by softwarization concepts, such as in the Internet community, allows for daily updates; and iii.) introducing widespread 6G discussions can have a negative impact on the deployment and evolution of 5G with completely new business cases and customer ecosystems compared to its predecessors. Finally, as we do not believe that 5G is the end of our journey, we will provide an outlook on the future of mobile communication systems, independent of the current mainstream discussion.


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