Winning Solution of Real Robot Challenge III

by   Qiang Wang, et al.

This report introduces our winning solution of the real-robot phase of the Real Robot Challenge (RRC) 2022. The goal of this year's challenge is to solve dexterous manipulation tasks with offline reinforcement learning (RL) or imitation learning. To this end, participants are provided with datasets containing dozens of hours of robotic data. For each task an expert and a mixed dataset are provided. In our experiments, when learning from the expert datasets, we find standard Behavioral Cloning (BC) outperforms state-of-the-art offline RL algorithms. When learning from the mixed datasets, BC performs poorly, as expected, while surprisingly offline RL performs suboptimally, failing to match the average performance of the baseline model used for collecting the datasets. To remedy this, motivated by the strong performance of BC on the expert datasets we elect to use a semi-supervised classification technique to filter the subset of expert data out from the mixed datasets, and subsequently perform BC on this extracted subset of data. To further improve results, in all settings we use a simple data augmentation method that exploits the geometric symmetry of the RRC physical robotic environment. Our submitted BC policies each surpass the mean return of their respective raw datasets, and the policies trained on the filtered mixed datasets come close to matching the performances of those trained on the expert datasets.


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