Wireless Sensor Networks for Optimisation of Search and Rescue Management in Floods

by   Harshil Bhatt, et al.

We propose a novel search-and-rescue management method that relies on the aerial deployment of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for locating victims after floods. The sensor nodes will collect vital information such as heat signatures for detecting human presence and location, the flow of flood. The sensor modules are packed in a portable floating buoy with a user interface to convey emergency messages to the base station. Sensor nodes are designed based on disaster conditions, cost-effectiveness and deployed in the affected region by a centrifugal dispersion system from a helicopter. A mobile ad-hoc network is set up by modifying the Low Energy Adaptive Cluster Hierarchy (LEACH) protocol for greater efficiency and adoption of multi-hop of Cluster Heads for long-distance communication to Base Station. The model metrics have been defined considering previous rural floods in India. The efficiency and power characteristics of the network are compared to other protocols via simulations. The sensor data from the network makes resource management, rescue planning and emergency priority more efficient, thus saving more lives from floods.


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