3rd Continual Learning Workshop Challenge on Egocentric Category and Instance Level Object Understanding

by   Lorenzo Pellegrini, et al.

Continual Learning, also known as Lifelong or Incremental Learning, has recently gained renewed interest among the Artificial Intelligence research community. Recent research efforts have quickly led to the design of novel algorithms able to reduce the impact of the catastrophic forgetting phenomenon in deep neural networks. Due to this surge of interest in the field, many competitions have been held in recent years, as they are an excellent opportunity to stimulate research in promising directions. This paper summarizes the ideas, design choices, rules, and results of the challenge held at the 3rd Continual Learning in Computer Vision (CLVision) Workshop at CVPR 2022. The focus of this competition is the complex continual object detection task, which is still underexplored in literature compared to classification tasks. The challenge is based on the challenge version of the novel EgoObjects dataset, a large-scale egocentric object dataset explicitly designed to benchmark continual learning algorithms for egocentric category-/instance-level object understanding, which covers more than 1k unique main objects and 250+ categories in around 100k video frames.


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