A Cognitive Approach to Real-time Rescheduling using SOAR-RL

by   Juan Cruz Barsce, et al.

Ensuring flexible and efficient manufacturing of customized products in an increasing dynamic and turbulent environment without sacrificing cost effectiveness, product quality and on-time delivery has become a key issue for most industrial enterprises. A promising approach to cope with this challenge is the integration of cognitive capabilities in systems and processes with the aim of expanding the knowledge base used to perform managerial and operational tasks. In this work, a novel approach to real-time rescheduling is proposed in order to achieve sustainable improvements in flexibility and adaptability of production systems through the integration of artificial cognitive capabilities, involving perception, reasoning/learning and planning skills. Moreover, an industrial example is discussed where the SOAR cognitive architecture capabilities are integrated in a software prototype, showing that the approach enables the rescheduling system to respond to events in an autonomic way, and to acquire experience through intensive simulation while performing repair tasks.


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