A Comprehensive Empirical Evaluation on Online Continual Learning

by   Albin Soutif--Cormerais, et al.
Scuola Normale Superiore
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
University of Pisa
University of St. Gallen

Online continual learning aims to get closer to a live learning experience by learning directly on a stream of data with temporally shifting distribution and by storing a minimum amount of data from that stream. In this empirical evaluation, we evaluate various methods from the literature that tackle online continual learning. More specifically, we focus on the class-incremental setting in the context of image classification, where the learner must learn new classes incrementally from a stream of data. We compare these methods on the Split-CIFAR100 and Split-TinyImagenet benchmarks, and measure their average accuracy, forgetting, stability, and quality of the representations, to evaluate various aspects of the algorithm at the end but also during the whole training period. We find that most methods suffer from stability and underfitting issues. However, the learned representations are comparable to i.i.d. training under the same computational budget. No clear winner emerges from the results and basic experience replay, when properly tuned and implemented, is a very strong baseline. We release our modular and extensible codebase at https://github.com/AlbinSou/ocl_survey based on the avalanche framework to reproduce our results and encourage future research.


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