A Concise Introduction to Reinforcement Learning in Robotics

by   Akash Nagaraj, et al.

One of the biggest hurdles robotics faces is the facet of sophisticated and hard-to-engineer behaviors. Reinforcement learning offers a set of tools, and a framework to address this problem. In parallel, the misgivings of robotics offer a solid testing ground and evaluation metric for advancements in reinforcement learning. The two disciplines go hand-in-hand, much like the fields of Mathematics and Physics. By means of this survey paper, we aim to invigorate links between the research communities of the two disciplines by focusing on the work done in reinforcement learning for locomotive and control aspects of robotics. Additionally, we aim to highlight not only the notable successes but also the key challenges of the application of Reinforcement Learning in Robotics. This paper aims to serve as a reference guide for researchers in reinforcement learning applied to the field of robotics. The literature survey is at a fairly introductory level, aimed at aspiring researchers. Appropriately, we have covered the most essential concepts required for research in the field of reinforcement learning, with robotics in mind. Through a thorough analysis of this problem, we are able to manifest how reinforcement learning could be applied profitably, and also focus on open-ended questions, as well as the potential for future research.


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